7 Things Never to Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

7 Things Never to Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

You are a great mind if you have grabbed a pressure washer already but haven’t inaugurated it because you think homework s mandatory! Pressure washing is a potential cleaning activity to be handled with great care. Before you practically use it, you should be knowledgeable of its use, nature, kind, and the Dos and Don’ts. A pressure cleaner is an impactful hose capable of cleaning to the core. Acquiring skills and experience will make you a pro at pressure cleaning.

This blog post identifies the major don’ts of pressure cleaning. Give it a read and become a skilled pro cleaner.

7 Major Don’ts When Pressure Washing Your Home

1. Ignoring Safety

Oh! I can see you coming out casually with a plan to pressure wash. Hold on! Disregarding safety when pressure washing can be regretful. Although pressure washing is a routine job, you still need to follow a safety protocol. Check your surroundings for children or other people who may get injured because of negligence with the pressure washer. Wear safety gear such as goggles, long boots, pants, and rubber gloves. Read the manual or get to know the machine thoroughly. Clear the cleaning area for any loose parts or objects lying in your way.

2. Too Much Pressure

Never clean by applying too much pressure. This is a common mistake that has been observed quite often. Starting at a low pace and adjusting the pressure is the best strategy. It helps you get accustomed to the working style of the washer. The full blast on mode can not only damage your property but can be the cause of a severe injury. Applying too much pressure instantly can cause things to go out of your control.

3. Blasting the Corners

A typical cleaning practice is to start from the corners, and this is what people do when pressure cleaning, too, but with a pressure washer, blasting the corners is a big NO! When you target a corner, the massive pressure makes it challenging to get along a tiny nook. This may literally cause a water repulse, or you may end up wet or cause possibly get an injury as you may get hit by flying debris.

It’s always better to start with more expansive areas with low pressure and speed.

4. Using Water Only

Using water alone can’t be fruitful or may not clean the way you might have speculated it. Utilizing a combination of detergent and water can garner excellent results. A 50/50 ratio of water and the cleaning agent is the perfect, balanced solution to get that glossy look.

5. Neglecting Electricity Hazards

It is gravely recommended not to pressure wash if your house or the cleaning facility has some exposed electrical wires which need mending. Pressure washing potential electrical hazards may cause a fire outbreak. So before practically operating a pressure washer, assess your surroundings thoroughly, and it is better to cover the electrical wires and switches to avoid fatal accidents.

6. Cleaning the Windows First

If you have a pressure washer and your plan starts with cleaning the windows first, STOP! Revise your schedule and get the rest of the house cleaned in the first instance, followed by cleaning the windows. In case you clean your windows first, washing the house later, you will end up cleaning your windows for the second time because the pressure drifts the debris and dirt towards the windows.

7. Starting with a Tight Pattern

Never pressure clean with a tight pattern in the beginning. Start with a broader range. This helps you gain control over the washer and understand how it works.


Enjoy pressure washing and get that contended feeling following the tips that we gave you. A pressure washer is unique and handy equipment. Using it the right way and avoiding a few practices is highly recommended to get your job done perfectly. Do not compromise on your safety and the surroundings. It’s always better to start with a low speed and pressure, using a wider range. For a better cleaning experience, avoid using water alone. Ignoring the electrical hazards may cause an accident.

Try this meaningful advice and thank us later!