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Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

by Brett

With spring around the corner, it might be time to think about how you breathe life into your garden after a cold and wet winter. Our tips will help you to discover where to begin and what to take care of, ensuring your garden ends up looking its best.

It’s Time to Clean Up

At this point, it is time to remove all of the dead leaves and debris that has found its way into your garden over the winter. By removing dead leaves and stalks, you can help to stop the spread of bacteria and disease. You should do this across the whole of your garden, including patios, decking and even planting areas.

Look After Your Lawn

The great thing about your lawn is that it is hardy and tough. Even the harsh winter couldn’t kill it off but now it is time to take care of it. You should feed it and rake the ground to ensure that all dead grass is removed. This will help to aid drainage and increase oxygen uptake.

Prepare Your Soil

Weeds don’t just grow in the summer, they also grow during the winter and they are nothing but a nuisance. If you notice weeds, get to work by removing them by hand where possible, or use weedkiller if you need to. Now you can rake your soil to help the airflow through it easily while also preparing it for the planting of seeds and plants.

Cut and Trim Your Plants

Whether it’s trees, plants, or hedges, now is the time to give them a trim. This will ensure that they are shaped ready for spring and ready for even more growth. Trim any dead branches as this will help trees to thrive and if plants are completely dead then they should be removed. You should also look to prune certain plants where necessary.

Remove Dirt and Grime

From your patios to your decking and fencing to furniture, the winter can take its toll but getting everything gleaming again is easier than you might think. All you need is a Kink-Proof pressure washer and you can remove all the dirt and grime with ease. It’s an enjoyable and rewarding job but in no time at all, everything will look new!

Give Everything a Lick of Paint

If your fencing or your decking has faded then it is time to paint them. This will not only help to improve their appearance but it will also help to protect them during the summer and into the winter.

Install a Water Butt

Throughout the summer, your plants and your lawn will need watering. While you will always need your hosepipe at some point, it can help to use a water butt which is ideal for watering plants using a watering can. You’ll be able to quickly and easily use fresh rainwater to keep your plants hydrated and healthy during the summer months and each time it rains, your water butt will get topped up!

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