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How to Get Best Efficiency In Power Washers

by Brett

What is power washing? There is no big difference between power washing and pressure washing. They both play the same role and work in the same way where the only difference is the heat. Power washing uses hot water, while pressure washing uses cold water.

The major advantage of using a power washer is that it cleans better than a pressure washer because it uses hot water. It aids in cleaning up those soiled, greasy surfaces in a better way.

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Using a Power Washer Efficiently

A power washer is an amazing tool that makes the washing process to be smooth and easy.   Just like any other tool, power washers have their cons and pros. Understanding these advantages and disadvantages helps you use a pressure washer effectively.

Although a power washer has amazing cleaning power, it also has some dangers. The high pressure it exerts can easily damage property, making it important for you to understand the type of power washer you’re using. You ought to be careful not to use a power washer on a fragile surface such as glass.

  • Always aim to put on safe attire when using a power washer to protect yourself. It would be nice if you wore long-sleeved pants and shoes that will prevent you from sliding. You can always move property that might get damaged during the power washing process.
  • You should always get your power washer ready for use. If it is an electrical one, connect it to a reliable source of power. If you’re using a power pressure fuelled by petrol or gas, make sure it is filled up to prevent it from stopping halfway.
  • It’s important to protect the different parts of your power pump. One of the ways of doing this is by following the right procedure. For instance, you should always switch on the pressure washer after opening the water source. This prevents you from damaging the pump.
  • The tip of the nozzle should be placed at least two feet from the surface. It should also be held at an angle of forty-five degrees and should never be directed in one spot for a long time. Through this, you effectively wash the surface without damaging it.
  • The best way to use a power washer effectively is by mastering the manufacturer’s instructions and making good use of the machine’s manual. They are the best guide to using a power washer effectively. You will learn how to clean the system after using detergent through the guide.

Where to Get a Power Washer

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