What To Do If You Have Been Cheated On

What To Do If You Have Been Cheated On

Most women say that with their hearts they feel if their partner is cheating on them. Today we found out how to find out about infidelity if you are a man or a woman who does not possess this talent. Read further is the article and know how to discover if your partner is cheating on you or not.

  • Friends

Talk to your friends. As a rule, if you are cheated on, you will be the last person in your circle who does not know about it. Everyone else will avert their eyes, be silent and talk behind your back, waiting until you finally figure out for yourself that your partner is unfaithful to you.

If you have any suspicions, try talking to friends, share your concerns. They are the first and most reliable source of information. They may not tell you the truth, but their behavior will give you a lot to understand. May be they act like nothing happened or showing extra concern is also the suspicious thing that can give you a hint that something is wrong.

By the way, the opposite is also possible – when they react so confidently that you feel that all your fears were unfounded.

The main thing is not to keep it all to yourself. If you’re right, it’s best to find out about it as early as possible. If you are wrong, there is no need to waste time on stupid obsessions.

  • Time

If it seems to you that you are unfaithful, try to restrain yourself and not run to your partner with your suspicions at the moment in which they originated in you. Always try to communicate, if you did something wrong or happened. Escaping is not the solution.

In research it is found that if a person is shown a tape on which someone says a phrase, and then asked if they lied to him or not, the subject is more likely to answer correctly if you give him time to think and not insist on an immediate answer.

To put it simply, the more time you give yourself to deal with the situation, the higher the likelihood that you will correctly assess whether you are being cheated or not. If you try to figure it out right away, you will most likely be wrong.

  • The words

It is also found out that when a person tries to hide the truth from someone, he unconsciously changes the vocabulary that he uses. He will always try to drive your mind by turning the topic of conversation or lose confidence while talking to you. He will try to shorten the use of words such as “I”, “mine”, “I think”, “I understood”, “But”, “except”.

Thus, the person lying to you is, as it were, trying to depersonalize his message. He seems to have nothing to do with it. He tries to absolve himself of responsibility for speaking.

In addition, he tries to make his statements unambiguous, not allowing another point of view.

Instead of these words, the liar uses more aggressive words such as “enemies”, “I hate”, “anger”. This is again an unconscious attempt to force the liar to be believed. So, if you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, watch to see if the language with which he communicates with you has changed. This may be happened often from past days and you can see that clear change his behavior.

  • Vote

By the way, even a change in the timbre of the voice can betray the wrong partner. It turns out that the altered person’s testosterone level rises very strongly, which affects the voice.

And the person himself, feeling that he began to sound unnatural, tries to fix it, which leads to the fact that he begins to sound even more strange.

This applies not only to men, but also to women. Pay attention to how your loved one speaks to you, especially when it comes to your relationship with him. You can also ask for the opinion and ideas of your partner and see how he is reacting.

If you feel that your partner is increasingly dissatisfied with you and does not hesitate in expressions, telling you about this, it is possible that the matter is not in a specific situation, but in something more serious, and that is how he is trying to accuse you of what is cheating on you.

Try To Rebuild Relationships with New Knowledge

Sometimes cheating is simply due to the circumstances, and sometimes it is a sign of serious relationship problems. When the critical stage of resentment has passed, you can discuss your future again and understand the reasons for the act. Maybe the couple lacked sex, attention, interest. Or maybe your views on ideal relationships just don’t match. In the end, not all of us are monogamous by default, and if one of the partners has different views, then it will not work to reshape a person to fit his model.

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